Martock Pool League Specific Rules
Updated as of 2023-2024 Season

All games are played using the international rule set 

1. Minimum of 4 players required per team and a maximum of 4 frames per player per match.

You may play with 3 players on only 2 occasions per season to cover for players being on holidays etc.
If one team has 3 players then, players may play up to 5 frames per match. No player may play the same player twice in the same match.


a) If a team has played 2 matches with 3 players then they will have to forfeit the last 3 frames of the match
b) If a team plays a game with 3 players (as per Rule 1) and the other team has 4 players, the team with 3 will still need to forfeit 3 frames
c) If a team plays a game with 3 players (as per Rule 1) and the other team has 5 players, but chooses not to use the 5th player in an attempt to force the forfeit of the 3 frames, those frames will be given to the team with 3 players
d) If both teams have 3 players then you play 9 frames and both teams concede 3 frames each



a.       All entries are via the rackem app.
Reserve Players:

b.      You may register 1 player as a reserve for each competition entry.

c.       You must register your reserve player prior to the commencement of the competition.

d.      If you do not wish to register a reserve player, you must still put a player in the space on the rackem app . you will need to create a player like this Name-dummy1 surname- team name. You can create as many as required i.e. dummy 1 dummy 2 etc.

e.       If no reserve player is registered and you cannot make a fixture, then you must forfeit.

f.        Reserve players must not be entered elsewhere in the same competition.

g.      If you use your reserve player, then the player replaced takes no further part in the competition and is removed from the entries list.

h.      If for exceptional circumstances you cannot make a fixture then you may ask the organiser if you can rearrange your fixture to a date prior to the next round of that competition, if both sides agree to a rearranged date, then this may be allowable.

2. Minimum of 4 players required per team and a maximum of 4 frames per player per match. No player may play the same player twice in the same match.


a) If a team has 3 players, then they will have to forfeit the last 3 games of the match

3. All league fees are payable by the start of the current season

4. When filling in the score cards please remember


a) For all League Games the BOTH teams must put the players for the last 5 frames down in one go. They may not put them down one at a time
b) cards will be filled in via the rackemup see below for details.


The recording of scorecards is the central requirement for any pool league. Knowing who played and who won being most important, but also validation of the scorecard as being true and accurate, signing scorecards and recording of other pool related stats are also really important. We wanted to make this process as simple as possible for captains in order to reduce the burden across the league and provide valuable features like live scores, instant table and stats updates and real time data.

How It Works

The basis is that the home captain and the away captain each login to RackEmApp and access the scorecard on each of their own devices.

Each captain makes their selections of their teams in the match format setup for the league or cup competitions, which can be hidden so each captain does it blind if the league chooses.

The home captain ‘drives’ by entering results for the frames and the away captain approves them – or challenges the home captain on an incorrect entry.

The below screenshot shows an example, with the home team on the left, and the away team on the right.



It should be reiterated that these are usually done on each captain’s own devices and is fully designed to work flawlessly on mobile.

The scorecard is designed to automatically update and refresh every 10 seconds if you leave it open.

The Scorecard Header

The scorecard header tells you all the basic information about the match you are playing.

Scorecard header

Additionally, you have a button which will (in a new tab) access live scores for your division so you can see how your competitors are doing.

There is also the ability to disable auto-refresh in fa vour of doing it manually, which may be better for some older/slower devices.

Auto refresh is enabled, click it to disable it Click the grey circle to enable auto-refresh again, or the green circle to manually refresh the page.

The header also includes any instructions provided by the league on how to fill it out which can be used for a variety of purposes.








5. At least 24 hours’ notice must be given to postpone a match, failure to do so may          mean you forfeit the match.


a) If you forfeit a match then your opponent receives 8 points plus the 3-point win bonus (11 points in total) and your team will lose 7 points
b) It is the responsibility of the team that postpones a match to rearrange said match
c) The team who postpones the match must supply 3 dates for the game to be played on at the time of postponement.
The 3 supplied dates must be within 30 days of the original fixture Failure to supply these dates will be classed as a forfeit and points will be given as per Rule 5a
d) If both teams cannot agree a date, they must contact the league organiser(s) BEFORE the 30-day deadline. Failure to do so will result in the score being classed as a forfeit and points will be given as per Rule 5a
e) If a fixture is postponed in the first half of the season, the option to use the return game as a "double" result is an option. This would mean that the result would be used for both games
f) Any team deemed by the organiser to be tactically postponing games or purposefully failing to agree a rearranged date will be liable to a points reduction
g) All postponed games must be played prior to the last league game of the current season
h) Any team not attending matches and not giving 24 hours prior notice may be fined by the league (subject to consultation with league organiser) to the sum of £20.00 per match missed

6 A player is deemed to be "Signed On" once they have played their 1st frame in a League Game (not Cup, Singles Knock Out etc)


a) No new players will be eligible to play after the halfway point of the season. For clarity the LAST game of the first half of the season is the final game to sign a player on
b) Any player "Signed On" after the half way point, will forfeit their frames played in any game they are not eligible for
c) Only players that are classed as "Signed On" (as per 6) are eligible to play in the Semi-Final and Final Rounds of the Team Knockout Cup games


7. Matches start at 20:00


a) Failure to attend on time will result in an automatic loss of the first frame
b) Following an automatic loss of the first frame, the second frame must start at 20:15
c) Following the second automatic loss of frame the third frame must start at 20:30
d) Following the third automatic loss of frame should the team fail to attend by 20:45 then a forfeit will be declared and points given as per rule 5a
e) If a game has started on time and not all players are available for the start of the game, what happens if all possible frames are played and another player is due at a later time (e.g. 9:30)


For every 15 minutes that a frame is unable to be played (due to a missing player) that frame will be conceded by the team with the missing player
Team 1 has 4 players at 8pm
Team 2 has 2 players at 8pm and 2 due at 9:30pm

8 frames are played by 9:00pm
Assuming the next frame begins BEFORE 9:45, 2 frames will be given to Team 1 as conceded frames
IF the frame starts after 9:45 but before 10:00 then 3 frames will be given
This matches the same format as Section 7 of the MSC Rules
Any disputes can be raised as per Section 8 of the MSC Rules if required.

8. Any disputes will be settled by the league organiser and or his/her deputies.


a) All disputes must be in written format to league organiser(s) and must been put forward within 3 days of the disputed match

9. A captains meeting will be held before the start of each season to discuss any league rules.

10. Players averages will be worked out as follows.


  Frames won = % times the frames won


11. How to claim an 8 Ball


DEFINITION: 1st visit = The first time the player approaches the table in the frame

A player will be able to claim an "8 Ball" when the player clears 8 balls (could be more but not less) during their 1st visit.
IF a player does not break But meets the above criteria then they may claim a reverse dish.
On the score card check the box for 8 ball or a reverse dish as required.




The league organisers reserve the right to alter and amend any fixtures as deemed required even after the season has started.