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By Steve Jarrett, Wednesday 28 February 2024 @ 16:46

RackEmApp App Update Feb 2024



RackEmApp: App Launch March 1st

Hi All,


The new app is going to be available for general availability on 1st March in the App Store and Google Play. 


I have put together a video which you can share amongst your league which shows you all the details you need.​​


If you do run into any issues, please get in touch as soon as possible. The web version for captains and players will go offline on 1st April at which point all users must be using the App.


We will put a banner on the screen for all users using the web version to encourage them to download the app.


In terms of the conversion of social media based logins, there are still 560 users yet to convert their accounts. I have no doubt that this will drop a lot when the app actually goes live as they realise they can't use it without doing it. Please remind your members that on the 1st April any unconverted accounts will be deleted and they will need re-inviting.


There is a bright future for the App. I intend to move the "Scoreboard" and "Refereeing" functionality across in the next phase over the spring before i start intrucing new features that mobile apps deliver, like a notification system.


I hop you experience a smooth rollout of the app for your league, and you know how to reach me if you have any concerns.


All the best,

Matt Warr

RackEmApp Founder

New or need help onboarding?


If you've registered for RackEmApp and gotten a bit lost, run into an issue, or seen any other reason why you didn't or couldn't get involved in setting up a season or competition, please feel free to reach out on WhatsApp. My number is below.



Be sure to follow our Social Media to stay in tune with the latest updates as they happen!




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