Rules for Season 2023

  1. Match must start by 8pm, if a team is late arriving, a frame can be claimed every 10 minutes from 8.10pm. And if by 9pm they haven't arrived the match can be claimed as a 12-0 win. In this instance the Captain must contact a committee member and advise the players who would of played for that side and the result will be entered manually on the rackem app website.
  2. A team may request for 1 match per season to be re-arranged. As long as both captains are in agreement this can be arranged for a suitable date which is before the end of the league fixtures. Either captain MUST inform the committee so this can be adjusted on Rackemapp.
  3. If a player needs to play both games and leave, both captains must agree - if no agreement can be reached  then the correct order must be played.
  4. Teams need to lock in all 4 players on the rackemapp before spinning the coin for the break at the start of the match.
  5. If a player wishes to rack their own balls, this is allowed but will be checked by the referee before taking the break.
  6. Captains must ensure they complete the match on the app so that the result is finalised on the evening of the fixture played.
  7. Point scoring is 2pts for a win, 1 point for a draw. If teams finish level on points at the end of the season the league position will be decided on frame difference then head to head.
  8. Teams found to be playing unregistered players will be penalised. The captain on the night and player(s) will be suspended for 2 games with immediate affect. The team willl also lose the frames the unregistered players played. These frames will be awarded to the opponents.
  9. All venues must provide a standard rest and spider rest. Venues can be checked by the committee, failure to comply with this could result in venues being expelled.
  10. A Participant shall at all times act in the best interests of the game / league and shall not act in any manner which is improper or brings the game / league into disrepute or use any one, or a combination of, threatening, abusive, indecent or insulting words or behaviour against a fellow player, team or committee member. If anyone witnesses any violence you should firstly be making the venue aware of the issue and the captain of the player/s involved needs to discuss everything with a committee member.
  11. Transfers: Players cannot transfer after a fixed date at 23:59, this date will be issued each season. This date is 25/07/2024 for this season (This date is 2/3rds of the way through our season). Players can only transfer once during a season and must be transferred by the date given. transferred players cannot be cup tied. New signings can be signed on at any point during the season. but to be eligle to play, they need to be signed on by 23:59 the night before, to be eligilbe to play the following night.
  12. Any team that fails to turn up for a game (no show) on more than 2 occasions during a season will be removed from the league. This includes cup games. 
  13. If a team drops out the league during the season all there results are awarded as 12 - 0 wins.

Team Knockout Format

All team knockout games are played to a finish (12 frames). If a match ends in a draw (6-6) then a deciding frame is required, this applies to both group and knockout stages. Any signed on player can play this deciding frame whether they have or haven't played on the night is irrelevent.
1st and 2nd place will qualify into the main knockout.
3rd and 4th place will qualify into the plate knockout.
5th place teams are out of the competition.

Group positions will be determined by Points, Frame difference then H2H.

Singles and Doubles Competitions

Contact should be made within the 1st week after the draw being made. BOTH parties are responisible for this happening, if a date cannot be agreed then please contact the committee, who will consider what action needs to be taken. i.e - who has made contact first and when, who has offered the most amount of days etc.

Singles - Best of 7 frames (first to 4), Final best of 9. Home player can choose any venue that is competing in the Hinckley and Disitrcit pool league.

Standard Doubles - Best of 5 frames (first to 3), Final best of 7. Home players can choose any venue that is competing in the Hinckley and District pool league.

2 or 3 players can be registered. Once initial draw is made no changes amendments can be made.

You can only talk tactics with your partner at the beginning of a visit (first shot), once a player has touched the table there is no more talking unless you have missed, and your opponents come to the table to take their visit. The only exception to this rule is when a player breaks and pots a ball, the player can partner can then discuss tactics until the player touches the table again.