Lola's Pool Party - Southern Qualifier

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Lolas Pool Party is the brand-new nationwide event, devised by 2023 IPA Grand Tour Professional and Open Champion, Mark Boyle. Lolas Pool Party gives you the opportunity to play 1 frame of pool to win £20,000!!
The format is simple: -
~ 50 Entrants.
~ Random draw throughout.
~ 1 frame shootout, 30 second shot clock.
~ Last man or woman standing goes through to the Grand Final in Glasgow on 24th August 2024.
Entry is £25 per player.
Winner receives their paid entry to the Grand Final and £150 towards travel and accommodation.
Evolve Eight Ball will be streaming the event, with Pool Ref Exhibitions providing the Tournament Director and Referee for the day.
This promises to be an incredible event, so if you want a chance to win £20,000, get your name in the hat!
Registration will be managed by RackEmApp and will open at 6pm on Wednesday 3rd January!

Entry Criteria

1. The event winner receives entry into the Grand Finals to be held at Hamilton Town Hall near Glasgow & £150 towards travel and accommodation costs. Entries to the grand final are non-transferable and cannot be sold - in the event that you cannot attend, the player in second & then third place will be offered entry to the grand final only. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU CAN ATTEND THE GRAND FINAL ON 24/08/24 BEFORE ENTERING. There is no cash alternative prize.
2. Confirmation of entry to the Grand Finals and payment of the £150 towards expenses will be made immediately after the event, in any case no later than 24 hours after the event ends by bank transfer (on receipt of relevant banking details from the winner).
3. Entries are non-refundable, except in circumstances of unavoidable event cancellation. The promoter will be liable to return the entry fee only, regardless of the cancellation reason.
4. Entries are only confirmed once full payment of the entry fee (£25) is made. Promoters may make the offer to hold spaces awaiting payment but this offer can be withdrawn at any time and without notice.
5. Entrants may transfer their paid entry to a suitable replacement prior to 31st Jan 2024. After this date, transfer is at discretion of promoters.
6. The event will be live streamed to online services. By entering, players give their consent for their image to be used by the promoter for promotional purposes related to this and similar events.
7. Match/event betting, promotion of individuals or groups offering odds or running a book of any form may result in a players’ immediate disqualification from the event and forfeiture of their entry fee.
8. The promoters reserve the right to deny entry to any person for any reason.
9. The Promoter shall have the absolute right to disqualify a Player from the Event at any time for any breach of these terms, the Event Rules, the applicable Venue conditions or for any behaviour which in the Promoter’s opinion is prejudicial to the good name of the Event, Sponsors, Broadcasters or Promoter.
10. A player’s meeting will take place at 11:40am.
11. Once a match is drawn a 2 minute timer will commence in the arena. The selected players should be at the table ready to play within 2 minutes. Failure to arrive within the time period may mean removal from the Competition at the Tournament Director’s sole discretion.
12. A qualified referee will oversee all matches where possible. Their decisions relating to match events are final and there is no recourse for a second opinion or video replay, regardless of availability.
13. Raffle draws will be offered to raise money for good causes, and include the opportunity to win a “golden ticket” where a player will be placed into the draw when there are only 10 players remaining, significantly increasing their chances of winning. The raffle draw will take place when ten players remain. Ticket holders must be present in the venue to collect prizes. Any unclaimed winning tickets will be redrawn.
14. The golden ticket raffle winner cannot transfer their place in the competition to another person. Should they not wish to be entered, a new ticket winner will be selected. Anyone in the venue who has purchased a raffle ticket can win this prize, regardless of whether they were already in the event and lost, or are spectating. In the unlikely event of a golden ticket winner already being in the draw as one of the last 10 players, they will gain an additional entry effectively giving them two lives - but could be drawn to play themselves, whereupon they would automatically lose their extra life.



Up to 50 players will begin the day in the draw. A random selection will create a match between two players. These players will then play a single frame of pool.
  • Matches will be played to Blackball rules. The break will be decided by lag.
  • The winner of the frame goes back into the draw, and the loser is eliminated.
  • This process continues throughout until one player remains.
  • In the event of a player winning via break and dish (the opponent has not come to the table once), the opponent will be given a “right to reply” where they can also break and dish to reset the match. The match would then start again at 0-0.
In the unlikely event of 4 consecutive break & dishes in the same match, the match will be decided by a sudden-death blackball shootout.
The rules of this will be explained to the players as necessary at the time.


Matches are played with a 30 second shot-clock that can be seen in the arena, with audible beeps to warn when 5 seconds remain. The clock starts when all balls come to rest, or when the referee calls “time running”. Players have one extension per frame which they can request by stating “extension” to the referee, which will add 30 seconds to the shot clock. The clock will not pause upon request, but will be paused for circumstances outside of a player’s control e.g. - the white needs to be cleaned, or there is a delay in getting a rest/spider.
It is strongly advised that players ready any equipment from their case that they may need during a match before play starts.
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