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Ellesmere Port Pool League
We play the Blackball ruleset.
By Tony Boyle, Wednesday 08 November 2023 @ 22:09

Welcome to the new Ellemere Port Pool League website we would like to thank Matt Warr for assisting in getting us up and running on the new platform and we think you will find it more useful and user friendly, particularly as the season progresses and we all become more familiar with its operation.

Some pointers to get you going.

  • Captains: You should now have access to your Captain's dashboard (the green circle at the top). From here you will be able to operate the match scorecards. You can also grant captain's rights to other members of your team. It is a good idea to have some extra names who can do the scorecard in case you or your vice aren't there.
  • On match nights, the live scores will be operational and will give all players a lot more information than we have been used to.
  • Entering match scores. After every game, please make sure that both captains have approved the result (the away captain must click on the button to approve). If this is not done, the app will regard it as a dispute.
  • As we are all getting used to the new platform, there's bound to be a few bumps on the way be patient and let Tony Boyle know of any issue. 
  • It is important to still send photo of the papercards in the traditional way via Whatsapp as a backup
  • If you enter the wrong result, just let us know. They can be edited by league admins.
  • Any technical issues/queries, contact Tony Boyle on Whatsapp, the same goes for any issues with matches/teams/player registrations/fixtures etc

All that is left to say now is Good Luck to all teams and players please can everyone try and assist opposing captains paticularly those less tech savy in learning the ins and outs of our new platform. We will look at getting the competitions setup here to so everyone has better visibility so watch this space.