Team Captains should be aware of Rules of Play. They may not agree any arrangement which is not in accordance with these rules. All matches shall be played to the Rules of Pool adopted by The League (Blackball rules), except as may be otherwise provided for in these rules.


There shall be two seasons per year, the “Winter Season” and the “Summer Season”. The seasons shall commence on dates determined by the Committee. All League matches shall be played on Thursdays. All other team matches will be played on dates arranged by the Committee.


Fixtures will be made by the Committee and will be issued to Members at appropriate times for the season. The Committee will have the right to decide promotions and demotions prior to the start of the season, and placement of new teams. Where a team cannot field a valid team as defined in 12.i.10, they can contact the Fixtures Secretary at least 48 hours before a fixture to request a postponement. Such matches replay dates must be arranged (and ideally played) before the scheduled fixture. Only two such postponements are allowed during the season. The offended team captain shall provide 6 alternative dates in which to play the match with no more than 2 dates within the same 7 day period, to the offending team captain. The postponed match must be played by the next time the two teams meet in the league, or before the last league match of the season, unless otherwise agreed by Fixtures Secretary. A double header may be played but only if both captains’ and the Fixtures Secretary agree. We would accept that fixtures may be impossible to fulfill for unforeseen circumstances (historically venues have been closed or booked for other events) and we would always allow matches to be postponed if we feel that is the case. 


i. A team cannot register with fewer than eight players.

ii. A team cannot register if it has outstanding fines from previous seasons. ii. All team, and player registrations must be approved by the Committee. Registrations will only be accepted on the official registration form and must be accompanied by the appropriate registration fee. Incorrectly filled in forms will not be accepted. 

iii New Player Registrations will not be accepted after a date determined by the Committee prior to the start of the season.

iv. Players must be members of the club for which they play.

v. There will be a four-week transfer period (the “Transfer Window”) at the beginning of the season during which a player may be transferred from one team to another, regardless of any games played.

     1. Transfer applications must be made on a League Player Registration form Transfers will be subject to an additional player registration fee, and must be received at least three days before the player is eligible to play in a match.

     2. Transfers outside of the Transfer Window may be permitted in circumstances that The Committee consider exceptional.

     3. Any team requiring transfer of a player, outside the Transfer Window, shall submit the players’ written request to the Fixtures Secretary; the player will not be eligible to play for their new team until the Committee has approved the transfer.

vi. All team players will be responsible for their own actions, and standard of behavior. 


i. The home team shall be responsible for all table fees played at home and must provide refreshments for the away team.


i. Tables:

     1. The table and surrounding area must comply with the specifications detailed in the pool table check documentation, and as summarised below:  7ft by 4 ft outside edges.  29.25“ to 31“ height from floor to playing surface.  Tight clean cloth on playing surface and cushions.  A level playing surface.  Adequate seating for visiting team near the table.  Rest and spider available.  Unobstructed playing area.  Cushions to have sufficient rebound.

ii. Balls:

     1. The set of balls used MUST be clean and free from nicks or scratches.

     2. The home venue and team decide what make and style of balls is used.

     3. Before the commencement of a match, the two captains will agree that the state of the selected set of balls is in accordance with 6.ii.2. above.

     4. Before the commencement of a match, the two captains will agree that the state of the table is in accordance with 6.i.1.above.



The away team must be allowed at least fifteen minutes practice time on the table to be used for the match, which means they must be at the venue by 19:45, there is no practice for matches played at a neutral venue or on a neutral table. The match should start at 20:00, by which time at least one player from the home team and tw from the away team must be present to start the match. However by mutual agreement of the captains the start of the match may be delayed due to an exceptional occurrence. i. If a team is not in attendance at the venue by 20.10, then the first frame will be awarded to the opposing team. The offending team will continue to lose frames at a rate of one every ten minutes. ii. If no frame has been started by 20.30, then the match will be abandoned and the match will be awarded to the attending team. In this case the Fixtures Secretary must be informed immediately.


i. To ensure the continuity of play, the frames may be played continuously in any order within a set to allow for player availability.

ii. If a team is unable to field a player for ten minutes, then the team that is unable to continue, will lose one frame and will continue to do so, at a rate of   one every ten minutes, until either the match is conceded, or play is able to resume.

iii. No frame shall be started after 22.45, unless by agreement of the two captains and the venue.

iv. If a match is incomplete through lack of playing time available, then the result card must be completed with only the names of the players who are         present at the time of the stoppage. Captains must arrange to play the outstanding frames within seven days. Frames will become forfeit if not played       within 7 days of the original fixture. The Fixtures Secretary must be informed of any incomplete matches within 48 hours of the original fixture.


i. The away team has the right to refuse to play on a table or with a set of balls that they consider not suitable but must give the home team 15 minutes to rectify the problem.

ii. If a dispute occurs during the playing of a match, upon which the two team captains are unable to come to an agreement, the fixtures secretary must be contacted for assistance. If no agreement is reached, then the match must be abandoned immediately. The procedure for complaints (Constitution 11) must then be followed. 

iii. If the committee deems it necessary for the frames in the abandoned match to be played, or replayed, then in the case of the disputed frame, only those players involved may re-play. Any league player registered for the two teams will be eligible to play in any other unplayed frames. Page 3 28/8/2019 


i. League matches shall consist of two sets of six single frames and can be played in any order within that set to keep continuity of play.

ii. Set one must be completed before set 2 commences, unless both captains agree otherwise before the match has commenced.

iii. The break shall alternate between teams with the first break being decided by a “lag”. iv. TKO matches shall consist of a number of singles, or singles and doubles, games to be decided by the Committee prior to the start of the competition. v. During the TKO competition the teams in Division 1 will enter the competition at the second round stage. This means no Division 1 team will be involved in the Supplementary TKO competition.

vi. Result cards will be provided by The League.

     1. In League Matches the away team must place the names of three of their nominated players on the result card first (by 20:00) and then matched by the names of the nominated players of the home team. The fourth name must be added before the 3rd frame has ended, and so on until all frames have been played.

     2. In TKO/STKO matches each team should name a player on paper at the same time then swap names so each frame within the match is played ‘blind’, i.e. the opposing teams and players do not know which of the opposition they are playing until it is time to approach the table. vii. Results must be with the Fixtures Secretary by midnight on the Saturday following the match, by text or e-mail. Completed Result Sheets must be in the hands of the Fixtures Secretary by the following Thursday.


i. There shall be one referee per frame, nominated alternately from the away and home teams, and this referee shall abide by the Official Pool Rules, agreed at the Leagues’ AGM.

ii. The away team will referee the first frame, and then alternate in the subsequent frames. iii. The referee may, at his/her discretion, restart a frame, according to blackball rules, if a stalemate appears obvious.


i. Three points shall be awarded to a team winning a match.

ii. In the case of a draw each Team shall be awarded 1 point.

iii. Should Teams be level on points at the end of the season, then the number of frames difference shall decide the divisional placing.

iv. Should a team, for any reason, withdraw from The League before completing the first half of the League fixtures, then all points and games against that team will be removed from the record.

v. Should a team, for any reason, withdraw from The League after completing the first half of the League fixtures, the first half results will stand, points and games against that team from the second half will be removed from the record.


i. No coaching is permitted from team members or their spectators. Team captains at each match should keep their players and spectators informed of this.

ii. The referee shall give a warning on the first offence, and award a foul on second and subsequent offences.

iii. During doubles games the players at the table cannot discuss shot selection or any other aspect of the current game, unless specifically permitted by the rules for a particular competition. For the purpose of this rule the players are deemed to be “at the table” once all the balls have come to rest.