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Run your pool League, Competition, Streaming, and In-Venue technology with the only comprehensive platform dedicated to English 8 ball.

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Save Time, Deliver Quality

Unlock your pool organization's full potential with RackEmApp! Say goodbye to tedious admin tasks and hello to a thriving pool scene, as you regain your time to focus on delivering an exceptional experience for players in your league or area.

World Class Features

Flexible functionality that makes adminstering pool leagues and competitions easy, giving users access to real time data and live scoring

Website Included

Automated website with fixtures, results and tables which is designed for mobile ensuring your players all have a positive digital experience with you

Integrated Technology

Out of the box access to tablet scoring, stream overlays and arena screen capabilities "Ultimate Pool" style


We have something for everyone.

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For Everyone

Responsive Design

Seamlessly control from anywhere, anytime on your mobile, tablet, or computer's web browser - no app needed!.

Drive Engagement

Drive up traffic and create a buzz by seamlessly connecting to popular social media platforms. .

Unify and Save

Streamline your website, news and communication channels into one user-friendly system.

User Centric

Designed with users in mind to make it easy to find what they need, quickly.

Open For Modification

We acknowledge and action all feedback for a continuously improving platform.

First Class Support

We support you over WhatsApp to make sure you have a great experience.

For Leagues

Easy Registration

Register teams and players, manually, through a data import or allow them to register themselves online

Flexible Season Setup

Almost unlimited options for your match format and points scoring systems, flexible division configuration and smart fixture generation to avoid table clashes

Fully Automated

Once the season is set up, captains submit scorecards electronically meaning no manual data entry and instant results statistics and league tables

Live Scoring

View live scores, "as it stands" league tables and even the in-play scorecard for any match being played anywhere

League Management

Make corrections, organize competitions, and manage your player and team database with comprehensive tooling


Manage a full roll of honour to showcase the rich history of your league, automatically updated at the end of the season

For Competition Organizers


Full flexibility and configurability of your competition including Round Robin Groups, Single and Double Elimination and Mini-Knockouts which you can mix and match in any combination in any round, which you automatically or manually draw.

Match Types

You can run competitions for teams, singles, doubles triple and more, with flexible races and set configurations available including multiple handicap configurations.

Entry Management

Manually administer your entries, or offer online entry with payment by card or bank transfer

Series and Tours

Group competitions toether to form a tour and award points based upon round reach or wins, and automatically manage a rankings list

Table Scheduling

Assign tables and schedule matches for an efficient tournament experience

Tablet and Live Scoring

Use tablets to keep the live scores updated and the tournament progressed with minimal input required

For Streamers

Stream Overlay

Display a rich overlay of any match in RackEmApp for teams or individuals, automatically enriched with ball colour information and breaker data to be utilised in stream software like OBS.

Shot and Match Timers

Display a match clock and shot clock on screen in real time, and offer to a separate referee or timing team for the ultimate experience. Includes a reduced shot clock at a point in the match.

Remote Control

Remotely control stream overlay with Referee mode remotely from any device for total portability, or through tablet scoring

StreamDeck Integration

Use Elgato Streamdeck in conjunction with our API for a professional stream control experience

Challenge Matches

Utilise challenge matches to run bit money matches and provide a professional stream and live scoring experience

For Venues

Tablet Scoring

Send any match to your table and utilise portable or fixed tablets to drive scoring

Stream Everything

Stream matches from any league or competition running in your venue and utilise data from all technology sources

Shot and Match Timers

Display a match clock and shot clock on all your technology, and delegate timing out to trusted teams

Arena Screens

Big screen views of the score, colours and clocks which automatically display and beep for certain critical timing events

For Players

Player Profile

Own your player profile across the platform, and take it with you to any leagues or competitions that also use RackEmApp, utilising the rich statistics it offers you into your game.

Team Profiles

See how you and your rival teams are performing with team profile pages, scouting reports and form guides

Trophy Cabinet

Earn digital trophies and badges to celebrate your victories

Real Time Data

Instant access to real time data across all your teams and leagues, including live scoring

Useful Information

Access useful local knowledge on venues and tables

Online Entry

Easily enter local competitions and events securely through our online entry system

For Governing Bodies and Professional Organizations

Global Dataset

We're building a global dataset which will give us a unique insight into the game. The more leagues we onboard, the richer and more accurate the insight.

Ready To Scale

We're built with enterprise class SaaS principles and design patterns in mind, and we're keen to work more with the upper echeclons to mutually drive the game forward and enable it to grow through effective use of technology

Talk To Us

We're happy to chat. Contact hello@RackEmApp.com to find out more.


What do other leagues think?

We're delivering real value to all our leagues and organisers. We're always happy to share full references, but in the meantime here are some short snippets of what our leagues have to say about us

Review By Richard Clarke

Transformed Our League

We've been working with Matt since the start of it's build, and transformation its made to our league is immeasurable. People love the live scores and the stats, but from a committee perspective it saves us hundreds of manual hours per year. We wouldn't be without it now.

Review By Marin Redhead

It's All You Need

As a streaming service we use the overlays to great effect. The app has amazing functionality that helps us run our competitions and challenge/money matches. The customer service is second to none, very soon this will be the premium app of its kind.

Review By Lee Bunker


We have 18 pool tables all live streamed, but the previous supplier didn't really listen to our needs. Matt was always open to feedback and wanting to innovate and now we have RackEmApp running on all our tablets and in or arena. Super fast and friendly service too.

Review By Ryan Dolman

Refreshing & Revolutionary!

Since changing to Rackemapp our league has completely changed. Getting captains on board was a big task but once they saw how user friendly rackemapp is they all loved it. Being able to see all stats was a big thing for our league and this is all captured once scores are completed without manually updating after. The Live scores is a big winner also as there is all friendly banter & competition between teams.

What's The Cost?

Pricing Plans

Streamer Competition Organizer Venue

£0 /FREE!

For any organization that does not utilise team leagues.

  • Website and Content Management
  • Team Leagues
  • Singles Leagues
  • Competitions
  • Tablet Scoring
  • Stream Overlay
  • API
  • WhatsApp Support
  • Industry Wide Analytics
Most Common

£5 /team per season

For pool leagues looking for an all in one league management solution and website.

  • Website and Content Management
  • Team Leagues
  • Singles Leagues
  • Competitions
  • Tablet Scoring
  • Stream Overlay
  • API
  • WhatsApp Support
  • Industry Wide Analytics
Governing Bodies


For large organizations needing macro level control and insight.

  • Website and Content Management
  • Team Leagues
  • Singles Leagues
  • Competitions
  • Tablet Scoring
  • Stream Overlay
  • API
  • WhatsApp Support
  • Industry Wide Analytics
Meet The Team

Making It Happen

RackEmApp at present is built, maintained and supported by just one person. Maybe buy him a beer if you like what he does?

Matt has been working in software development for over 20 years, and over the last 8 years exclusively on web based SaaS platforms built for scale, working with companies with a global footprint and led enterprise scale development and implementation projects. This knowledge and experience is baked into RackEmApp, so you know you have a high quality product ready for whatever the future brings.

Matt Warr MBA / Founder

First Class Support

We help you every step of the way, from onboarding to ongoing league operations. We can do it all except prevent you potting the cue ball.

Contact Us

Get In Touch

If you want to find out more or need some help getting on board, drop us a message here, we'd be delighted to hear from you.'


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