Barnstaple and District Pool League Competition Draw Sheet
Open Singles | Quarter Finals
Matches to be played by Sunday 21 April 2024
Competition scores can be submitted using the Scoreboard. Visit https://www.rackemapp.com/scoreboard and enter your Match Code. Match Codes are CASE SENSITIVE.

Keep the score up to date as you play. Only one player needs to maintain the score, but please ensure scores are agreed.
No Home RaceTo 5 Away Match Code
Steven Small
The Ratpack Returns
James Middlemass
Braunton Baize
Kev Gemmel
Getting Lucky Tonight
Liberal Club
Table 3 out back to the left
Mon 04 Mar 2024 | 18:15
Matt Hutton
Braunton Baize
Darren Maidment
The Beastly boys
Liberal Club
Table 1 By the Bar
Fri 29 Mar 2024 | 19:00
Nick Kenny
The Ratpack Returns
Mark Gilfillan
The Ratpack Returns
Simon Budd
Dibblers Dribblers