Andover Pool Association Competition Draw Sheet
Veterans | Semi Finals
Matches to be played by Saturday 15 April 2023
Competition scores can be submitted using the Scoreboard. Visit https://www.rackemapp.com/scoreboard and enter your Match Code. Match Codes are CASE SENSITIVE.

Keep the score up to date as you play. Only one player needs to maintain the score, but please ensure scores are agreed.
No Home RaceTo 4 Away Match Code
Paul Fudge
Queen Charlotte
Jason Dixon
Prince Regent
Andy Sale
Wolversdene A
The Station Inn
Wed 15 Mar 2023 | 20:30
Ref: Helen Turner
Kevin Birks
Prince Regent
Lag once for break. Both players to make contact. Please use the app to submit results. Extensions granted agreed beforehand. Any queries contact Shaun on 07984220346.